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Fort Bidwell Fire Protection District

The Fort Bidwell Fire Protection District (FBFPD) is a California special district for fire protection. The commissioners are elected by voters in the district for four year terms. The district is an autonomous, local government under the laws of California, and is not a department of Modoc County. Operations are conducted by the Fort Bidwell Volunteer Fire Department. Neither the Fire District nor the Fire Department has any paid, compensated, or benefited staff, all are volunteers (California Government Compensation Report). The District was founded in 1946.

The district gets about $ 7,500.00  per year as its calculated share of the property taxes on owners within the district.  This includes secured, unsecured, supplemental, homeowner's exemption, and timber tax income (See Modoc Special District Estimated Tax Allocations (pdf)). This tax money just covers Workman's Compensation and other required insurance, and utilities. Other costs are borne from fund raisers by the Fort Bidwell Volunteer Fire Department.

The 2010 US Census for the Fort Bidwell ZIP code, shows 214 persons living in our district with 149 housing units, 96 occupied. See Demographics for more detail.

Fire District Commissioners

  • Stuart Benner (expires 12/2020)
  • Susan Craig  (expires 12/2018)
  • Greg Small  (expires 12/2020)
  • Meetings 


Fort Bidwell Fire Protection District

Fort Bidwell Fire Protection District Map
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The three District Commissioners are elected by the district voters at a County election, each for a term of four years. California Election Code 10515 requires that the County Board of Supervisors appoint the district commissioners if the number of persons declaring candidacy is less than or equal the number of positions to be filled. Such positions are not to be put on the ballot unless 10% of the district or 50 voters have petitioned to do so.

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