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Meetings of the Fort Bidwell Volunteer Fire Department and Fort Bidwell Fire Protection District are held jointly on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 pm in the Fort Bidwell Civic Club building, 54825 Main Street.  The meetings last about an hour. 

The Election of corporate officers is in November (see Fort Bidwell Volunteer Fire Department).

The three District Commissioners are elected by the district voters at a County election, each for a term of four years (see Fort Bidwell Fire Protection District). California Election Code 10515 requires that the County Board of Supervisors appoint the district commissioners if the number of persons declaring candidacy is less than or equal the number of positions to be filled. Such positions are not to be put on the ballot unless 10% of the district or 50 voters have petitioned to do so.

Meeting information and District action items, if any, are posted at the Post Office and this web site.

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