In case of emergency call 911.
From a cell phone give exact location including county and state.
Burning now allowed. Must still call Air Pollution Control (530-233-3436)
On-line Burn Permit Application and Information

Thanks to all who worked the Barnes fire.

The Fort Bidwell Volunteer Fire Department is volunteers who help protect the lives and property of the residents of the Fort Bidwell area.

Emergency calls to 911 and the Sheriff's Office are dispatched by pager to Fire Department members. Volunteers respond to local emergencies, and assist and support other nearby fire departments and the Surprise Valley Health Care District Emergency Service. Local emergencies include home, ranch, and wild land fires, as well as vehicle and health emergencies.

For major Town emergencies, The Fire House siren will be sounded. It will not be used for general fire calls. Once a month at 12 noon, the siren may be tested for less than a minute.

The Department has three fire engines and is financed by the Fort Bidwell Fire Protection District and the Memorial Day Barbeque. Grants are occasionally sought for equipment and resources.

The Fort Bidwell Barbeque is held each year on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend in cooperation with the Fort Bidwell Civic Club.

Fire House Front Picture