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Family Tree Maker 2017 Notes and Problems

OK, I like and use Family Tree Maker, but ...

FTM Problems for use with TNG:

  • Have not tested this with FTM 2017 and TNG 11, yet.
    FTM puts media links in the GEDCOM, but not quite right for TNG yet. The TITL and TEXT does not get set in the TNG media data. Apparently the generated GEDCOM is not quite up to the standard (using third level items rather than second level?)?

FTM Problems: 

  • FTM 2017, updated version (MacKiev).
  • FTM 2017 no longer has a database of city/county/country names as did Ancestry FTM, so when suggestions are made while tying locations, they come only from your previously entered names. This means that spelling and associated county names must be looked up elsewhare.
  • FTM sometimes loses its position in the small, tree at the top of the screen when working in the Person tab for an individual. The selected person changes or children disappear.
  • After deleting from a list such as individuals or source-citations, the display pane snaps back to the top instead of remaining at the chosen scroll position. This happens with other lists. This is very tiresome for long lists!
  • The spell checker is hard to use because:
    • FTM does not preserve capitalization in the supplied Change To: field.
    • FTM thinks that URLs not in HTML tags are misspelled words that should be spelled "HTTP", and then spell checks the entire URL! Should allow valid URLs, and perhaps indicate misformatted URLs. Also should allow common web site names such as "".
    • Declares all proper names as misspelled. Very burdensome!
    • Should check proper names (Capitalized) in the Place Names and Personal Names lists not just the Dictionary.
    • Does not recognize "Sr's" as a properly spelled possessive of title "Sr".
    • Needs a "Replace All" option, preferably with a complete list of proposed change locations. Scary but necessary.
    • Often fails to suggest capitalized country name such as "Germany", "Europe".
    • Needs an editing window so that the entire context can be fixed.
    • Does not recognize "Sep" in a date.
    • Because of all the above, you cannot stop a spell check because you have to go through all the junk to get back to the point you left off. Needs feature to save current spell check position.
    • Needs a Back feature for when you accidentally Ignore a necessary change.
  • Find and and Replace has problems with foreign characters, such as not finding "cafe" with an accented final "e".  Such characters are avoided as they often cause display and search problems on web sites. Find should ignore special language characters, with an option to Match Diacritics as for Match Case.
  • Sometimes FTM leaves an empty spouse ("[no spouse specified]" in the spouse list and the spouse count in the Family display is one too high. Perhaps this happens when a spouse is deleted when shared events such as marriage still exists.
    • Delete it by right clicking in the wife panel of the Tree display and select Add Spouse. Add a dummy name such as "XXXXX" then when done select that person and use Person/Delete Person. May need to remove any shared data, such as a marriage fact before.
  • Sometimes FTM looses the connection between a child and its parent. The data seems to be there, but as you move down from the parent to the child in the Family display graph or the Person display graph, the ancestors or descendants vanish.

FTM Needs

  • Needs to consistently apply Windows conventions:
    • When editing text boxes such as note, citations, etc., the Edit/Undo may work but but also needs a Edit/redo. Needs separate edit/undo history for each different area.
    • Formatted Note text does not Cut into a Windows metafile so that it can be pasted as formatted text into other applications (and vice versa).
    • The name lists should seek using typed first letter as is the Windows convention. Also in all other lists such as Find Source Citations - Source-Citations, etc. In some cases, the name search can be used but requires extra steps.
  • Needs simple formatting in Source-Citations as it does for Notes.
  • The FTM file needs to be a true database in some standard format such as Microsoft Access or SQL. It should be possible to edit/compact/etc as a database and then reuse in FTM.
  • Needs a distributable display program that works from CD/DVD or USB stick, etc.
  • Needs a method to systematically step through all individuals for review and tidying, and maintain the position even when other features are used while doing such work.

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