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These are files in support of Find-A-Grave volunteer work..

The picture files are named by the person on the headstone plus the cemetery name, and location. For example, SmithJohn-Headstone-CedarvilleCemetery-CedarvilleModocCA.jpg.

Plot means a well defined bounded area, Area is a group of family graves, Monument a more elaborate headstone. If there are different surnames with a plot or area, then the plot name may precede the individual names to keep them grouped alphabetically.


  • The image is usually a digital camera file and may contain the date and time of exposure, etc. The compressed image files will be about a MegaByte or less each. There may also be a text file, of the same name with the extension .txt, that contains other information, such as the GPS coordinates, cemetery records, etc.
  • The file date and time is probably not the time the photo was taken. Camera JPG image files usually have the time and ate the photo was taken (assuming the camera time was set right) and usually your display program will be able to show you (EXIF Information, etc.). Similarly for scanned image files, but the time will be the time it was scanned.
  • GPS coordinates if provided are fudged slightly to show correct position on GoogleEarth.
  • The files are not permanently here. They may be purged at some future time if I need the disk space.
  • All of the headstones in the GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) plot at the South West corner of the Fort Bidwell Cemetery have been photographed, including the Unknown Soldier plaque for those who died at Fort Bidwell.

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