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Marilyn "Lynn" Ellen Bacharach Gimbel Marinkovich Ancestry

Lynn joined the Gimbel family as the husband of Robert Gimbel, Henry and Mayme Gimbel's eldest son. Robert's ancestors were immigrants of the second half of the 1800's, most directly to California. Lynn's father's side immigrated earlier in the 1800's to New York and Texas ending up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her mother's side apparently immigrated in the 1600's by some accounts but provable records have not yet been found earlier than 1800. By the time we find them in the records, they are in the old Northern states and the middle/Southern states, and later move West to Idaho, Oregon, and California.

Bacharach Family

Max Bacharach was born in Hesse-Darmstadt, a Grand Duchy later part of Germany, in 1843 (See Hesse Homeland). His wife, Babette Newhouse, was born in New York in 1848, her parents were born in Bavaria (later Southern Germany). They lived in New York. Max served in the Civil War in Company D, 63rd New York Infantry. Max's son Aaron moved West and married Hannah Morris in 1895. Their son, Max, born in California, was Lynn's father.

Hannah's parents were Pincus Morris and Mina Vogel. Pincus was born in Poland in 1833, immigrated to California in 1852 but ended up in Texas. He married Mina in Texas in 1871. Mina was born in Hessen, probably Hesse-Darmstadt, in 1846. She immigrated in 1866.

Le Valley Family

George Le Valley was born in New York in 1822. His ancestry back to immigration is unknown at this time. He married Harriet Bronson (name and ancestry uncertain) about 1843 but she died young in 1854. George re-married. They lived in Pennsylvania and Illinois. Their son, Ira was born in 1844. He fought in the Civil War in Company B, 89th Illinois Infantry. Ira married Sarah Watson in 1876. They lived in Missouri and Idaho. Their son, Charles married Elizabeth Jones in 1900. They lived in Washington, Portland, Oakland, and retired in Santa Cruz.

Sarah Watson's father was born in England in 1841. He married Nancy born 1841 in Indiana. Details about her parents are few.

Joseph Jones was born in Virginia in 1773, and his wife, Ruth Martin was born in Virginia in 1776. Nothing is known about their immigrant ancestors. They lived in Tennessee. Their son, Stephen, born in 1812, married Jane  (name and ancestry uncertain). They lived in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Idaho. Stephen and five of his sons served in the Civil War in the 49th Missouri Infantry*. One son was killed. His son John was born in Tennessee in 1840. He served three years in Company F of  the 1st Arkansas Cavalry*. John married Mary Grigsby in 1860. She was born in Tennessee  (little is known about her parents). They lived in Missouri, Idaho, and Portland, Oregon. Their daughter Elizabeth Jones married Charles Le Valley.

* A quick Civil War update. The middle states such as Missouri and Arkansas were caught in the middle, so to speak. Missouri remained neutral and Arkansas seceeded late. Both states provided troops to both the Union and the Confederacy. The Jones boys fought in Union regiments.

Lynn's Detailed Ancestry and Fact Citations

Bacharach Picture and Document Master Files (files) (Or browse the Bacharach Gallery)

John Abner Jones and Mary Francis Grigsby
Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary 1939
Note family history, and mention of Mrs C M LeValley (Lynn's grandmother) and Ellen Mildred LeValley (her mother))
(Click on image for larger version)
 John A and Mary F Jones - 50th Anniversary
Hanna Bacharach Obituary 1939
(Lynn's grandmother)
Hannah Bacharach Obiturary 1/1/1930
Jones Family in Portland 1915
Left-to-right: James Harvey Jones, John Abner Jones (crutches from Civil War injury), girl Bernice Jones, Mary Frances Grigsby, girl Mary Evelyn Jones, boy Donald Jones, Mary Bertha Fount holding baby Leonard Jones, boy William Jones holding hand of Eva.
John Abner Jones - Family Picture 1915
Stephen Jones and second wife Isabella
Stephen Jones

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