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Jacob Oswald
(b Alsace-Loraine)
Marie Geddes
(b Alsace-Loraine)
Children: Joseph (1852) , Catherine (1857), Josephine (1860), Louise (1864), Rose, Madlen.
Son Joseph came to California in 1871, then Katherine in 1875, then Josephine and Louise. Apparently Rose, Madlen, and an unknown sister stayed in Europe.

George Lux
(b 1850 Germany, d ~1884 California)
Catherine Oswald
(b 1857 Alsace, France )
Children: No known children.
Catherine and George had a bakery in Berkeley. When George died about 1984, Catherine went back to Alsace for 6 months. In late 1884 she returned with her sister Louise, and married Frank Gimbel.
Frank F Gimbel
(b 1849 Hessland, Germany, d 1938 Berkeley CA)
Catherine Oswald
(b 1857 Alsace, France d 1926 Berkeley, CA)
Children: See Gimbel Family for descendants of Catherine Oswald.

Joseph Oswald
(b 1852  France)
Rosalie Peter
(1855 Alsace-Lorraine)
Children: Eugenie (1880 California), Julia (1882 California), Rosalie (1892 California).
Joseph came in 1871 and married Rosali in 1878. They came to California by 1880. Joseph was a machinist in San Francisco for 30 years. Eugenie married but neither she nor the other girls had children. End of this family line.

Antone Elmerich
(b 1850 France)
Josephine Oswald
(b 1860 Alsace-Loraine)
Children: Harry L (1884 California)
Harry Leopold Elmerik
(b 1884 California)
Violet May Melborne
(b 1885 England)
Children: Florence (1906 California), Miriam E (1910 California), Henry M (1916 California).
Josephine came in 1975 and married Antone in 1883. They operated a saloon in San Rafael. Their only son, Harry, lived his entire life in San Rafael. He started as a plumber but became a saloon keeper, probably after his father died.

Harry's daughter Florence married Martyne Gaustad, an engineer from Likely CA, and they spent several years in Panama where two of their sons were born. The family lived in Berkeley from about 1930. Their three children also lived in Berkeley and the Bay Area. There are more than 15 living Gaustads, Remingtons, Millers, Seevers, and Pughs in this line.

Harry's daughter Miriam married Clark Grove in 1934 and the family lived mostly in Marin County. There are over 30 descendants now living mostly in the Bay Area: Groves, Mathews, Kings, Kramers, Kents, Rubinos.
These pictures from Marie Gimbel's album are probably of the Oswald descendants in Marin County. If anyone knows more please use Contact Me below.

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Oswald Family Group - Who?

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