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Family Pictures and Picture Master Files

Family pictures can be viewed by browsing the a Gallery. The gallery shows a set of thumbnails which when clicked show a full-sized picture. Hover your mouse over the thumbnail to see the name. The full size picture may be slow to load if you network is slow.

The picture file name may give the names or a description of the picture. Ancestry folder pictures are obtained from family trees. Family folder pictures come from family picture collections and include ancestors and relations. Internet folder pictures are of ancestors or relations downloaded from the Internet. Heads are faces cut from master pictures for detailed genealogy displays. Some may be poor resolution.

If you have other family documents, pictures, letters, or notes, please Contact Me.


  • Most pictures have been scanned from an original paper image at a resolution that preserves the maximum detail available in each source.
  • Tintypes are scanned at very high resolution because their detail is very great even though the evenness of emulsion may be irregular.

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