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The Ramos' (later Renas') came from Santa Cruz on the island of Flores in the Azores. Jose and Maria immigrated in the 1870's. We have information on their ancestors on Flores from the very good church records transliterated by Francisco Gomes, and images from the Portuguese government on-line, but the very flexible Portuguese conventions for surnames can be rather confusing.
Joseph Renas
Jose Pimental Ramos
(b 1838 Flores Island, d 1924 California)
Courtesy of Lynne Wright
(No Picture)
Mary Isabel Thomas/Carneiro
(b 1835 Flores Island, d 1927 California)
Children: Joseph Thomas Renas (b 1861 Azores) Sr., Margaret Renas (b 1863 Azores), John Thomas Renas (b 1867 Azores), Philomena Renas (b 1869 Azores), Emily Renas (b 1877 California)
Joseph Thomas Renas, Sr. 
 Joseph Thomas Renas, Sr.
(b 1861 Flores Island, d 1917 Berkeley CA)
John T Renas 
John Thomas Renas
(b 1867 Flores Island, d 1965 Martinez CA)
Joseph Thomas Renas, Sr. & Mary Dias & J T Renas, Jr.
Mary Dias, Joseph Thomas Renas, Sr., and baby Joseph Thomas Renas, Jr.
Joseph Thomas Renas, Sr.
(b 1859 Flores Island, d 1917 Berkeley CA)
Mary Dias
(b 1868 Redwood Canyon, d 1959 Berkeley CA)
Children: Joseph Thomas Renas (1886 - 1965), Jr,  Mayme Renas (1891 - 1973)

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