Gimbel, Henry

Male 1804 - 1849  (45 years)

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 Gimbel, Frank J Male
 Gerhardt, Genevieve Female
 Gimbel, Wilhelm Heinrich Male
 Gimbel, John Justice Male
 Glowka, Cecelia Female
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 Gimbel, Harry William Jr Male
 Hartzell, Mary Catherine Female
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 Gimbel, Catherine V Female
 Doyle, William J Jr Male
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 Gimbel, Baby Female
 Gimbel, William J Male
 Ropars, Teresa A Female
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 Gimbel, Harry William Male
 Wentzell, Catherine Veronica Female
 Gimbel, Lillian Luisa Female
 Veasey, Theodore Parker Male
 Gimbel, Marion Marie Female
 Carrick, James Provan Male
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 Gimbel, Harry Boyer Male
 Garvin, Elizabeth Mary Female
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 Gimbel, John J III Male
 Gimbel, Frank Justice Male
 Gimbel, Elmer F Male
 Gimbel, John Justus Jr Male
 Boyer, Katherine Pauline Female
 Gimbel, Catherine Louise Female
 Kogel, Frederick John Male
 Haub, Elizabeth Emma Female
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 Kogel, Carl W Male
 Kogel, Paul Henry Male
 Fox, Anna Mae Female
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 Noble, Claire A Female
 Hathaway, Mildred H Female
 Gimbel, Louise Mary Female
 Kogel, Frederick Conrad Male
 Gimbel, John Justus Male
 Brenner, Catherine Female
 Gimbel, Heinrich == Male
 Gimbel, Katherine == Female
 Kaiser, Valentine J Male
 Knutzen, Peter Georg Male
 Gimbel, Louise Mathilda == Female
 Guggolz, Charles Gottfried Male
 Gimbel, Emma Anna == Female
 Jensen, Lawrence F Male
 Carley, Walter Warren Male
 Gimbel, Tillie Mae == Female
 Beauregard, Burt J Male
 Gimbel, Henry H Male
 Weirhauser, Katherine Female
 Gimbel, Katherine Female
 Orvold, James Jacobson Male
 Gimbel, Jacob Male
 Gimbel, Unknown Male
 Gimbel, Unknown Female
 GIMBEL, Frank F Male
 FamilyGimbelAnna, Anna Female
 Gimbel, Frank == Jr Male
 Gimbel, James Jacob == Male
 Gimbel, Henrietta Antonette Female
 Bergtholdt, Jacob Edward Jr Male
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 Gimbel, Frances Olivia Female
 Small, Frank Aaron Male
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 Gimbel, Robert Anthony Male
 Bacharach, Marilyn Ellen Female
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 Gimbel, Henry Anton Jr. Male
 Stettler, Muriel Ruth Female
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 Gimbel, Joseph Thomas Renas Male
 Simms, Patricia Ann Female
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 Gimbel, April Patricia Female
 Lewis, R.W. Male
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 Gimbel, Henry Anton Male
 Renas, Mayme Female
 Gimbel, William J == Male
 Gimbel, George J Male
 White, Darlene Eloyce Female
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 Gimbel, James Alfred Male
 Evans, Violet Mae Female
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 Gimbel, E.R. Female
 Gustafson, L.A. Male
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 Gimbel, Barbara Jean Female
 Burbee, Thomas Authur Male
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 Gimbel, Joseph Male
 Andres, Adeline Female
 Gimbel, Frank James Male
 Lackey, Barbara Lorraine Female
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 Gimbel, Charles Chester Male
 Lucas, Carrie Female
 Gimbel, Marie Elizabeth == Female
 Freitas, Frank Henry Male
 OSWALD, Katherine Female
 Gimbel, Henry Male
 FamilyGimbelLizzie, Lizzie Female
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