Pimentel, Jose Tomas

Male 1800 - UNKNOWN

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 Thomas, Unknown Female
 Vierira, Unknown Male
 Renas, Joseph Thomas Jr. Male
 Hinchman, Kathryn Rose Female
 McKown, Carrie Elizabeth Female
 Renas, Mayme Female
 Gimbel, Henry Anton Male
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 Renas, Baby Male
 Renas, Joseph Thomas Sr. Male
 Dias, Mary V Female
 Perry, Magdaline Female
 Silveira, Manuel Joaquin Male
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 Perry, Joseph Richard Male
 McComb, Eva M Female
 Perry, Mary Ellen Female
 Perry, Frank Joseph Male
 Kendrick, Pearl Female
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 Perry, Anna Stella Female
 Perry, Margeret Viorene Female
 Dobson, Charles Henry Jr. Male
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 Perry, Grace Adeline Female
 Perry, Henry Ferdinand Male
 Trumbo, Hellen P Female
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 Perry, Alvina Dolores Female
 Remell, Authur Leopold Male
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 Swanson, Elwood Male
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 Perry, Emerline A Female
 Alvers, Byron Thomas Male
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 Renas, Margaret Izabel Female
 Perry, Thomas Frank Male
 Renas, Oliver John Male
 Gambalie, Susie Marie Female
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 Renas, Inez M Female
 Furrow, John W. Male
 Renas, Melvin Joseph Male
 Paniagua, Flora Olivera Female
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 Renas, John Thomas Male
 Sabine, Louise M Female
 Noia, Joseph Edward Male
 Oniell, Inazelle Female
 Noia, John Raymond Male
 Mathias, Maria Female
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 Renas, Philomena A Female
 Noia, Joseph J Male
 Rocha, Child3
 Rocha, Lucy Female
 Lindsey, Ray Sr Male
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 Rocha, Alfred Jerome Male
 Rodrigues, Minnie Vivian Female
New chart
 Renas, Mary Margaret Female
 Rocha, Manuel S Male
 Silveria, Joseph J Male
 Azevedo, Henry F Male
 Noia, Lena M Female
 Azevedo, Maria Antoniette Female
 Caselli, Vincent Manual Male
 Renas, Emily Female
 Azevedo, Manuel Gregorio Male
 THOMAS, Maria Isabel Female
 RAMOS, Joseph Pimentel Male
 Mello, Joseph Frederick Male
 Silva, Dorothy Marie Female
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 Mello, Mary Female
 Maderas, Manuel I Male
 Mello, Florence Marie Female
 Fertado, Frank Male
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 Mello, Elizabeth C Female
 Flosi, Emil Anthony Male
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 Mello, John Male
 Mello, Jessie John Male
 Lambkin, Opal Mae Female
 Thomas, Mary Elsie Female
 Mello, John M Male
 Azevedo, Elaine Female
 Jackson, Unknown Male
 Azevedo, Grace Rose Female
 Friemering, Edward F Male
 Azevedo, Clara P Female
 Wilson, Unknown Male
New chart
 Thompson, Jewell C Male
New chart
 Azevedo, Elsie Female
 Farrace, Liberty Male
New chart
 Zeiser, Fred Gaston Male
New chart
 Azevedo, Joseph S Male
 Thomas, Manuel Male
 Thomas, Hannah Female
 Thomas, Eva B Female
 Geraldi, Anthony Charles Male
New chart
 Thomas, John Jr Male
 Ramos, Evara Female
 Thomas, Myron Alfred Male
 Thomas, Jesse Male
 FamilyThomasMary, Mary Female
 Thomas, Frank Male
 Thomas, Irving R Male
 Moe, Alberta Lee Female
New chart
 Thomas, Leonette M Female
 McCulloch, Manley J Male
New chart
 Thomas, Joseph Sylvester Male
 Gonsalves, Margaret Cecelia Female
 Ramos, George Milton Male
 Hansen, Gladys Melvine Female
New chart
 Ramos, Clorine Canelia Female
 Hoy, Howard Hensley Male
New chart
 Ramos, Leona Doris Female
 Schultz, Chester O Male
New chart
 Ramos, Elaine Jeanette Female
 Day, Bill Male
New chart
 Thomas, Julia Catherine Female
 Ramos, Anthony George Male
 Broderick, Clinton Raymond Male
 Narducci, Vina Lucille Female
New chart
 Broderick, William Thomas Male
 Broderick, Thomas Michael Male
 Young, Phyllis Louise Female
New chart
 Thomas, Flora Elizabeth Female
 Broderick, William T Male
 Thomas, Johnny Male
 Thomas, Manuel Male
 Sylvester, Philamena Female
 Silva, Lucy Helen Female
 Lima, Manuel Figueiredo Male
New chart
 Silva, Manuel L Male
 Silva, Zelma Mae Female
 Kirk, William B Male
New chart
 Silva, Joseph S Male
 Silva, Maryetta Verona Female
 Fertado, John Anthony Male
New chart
 Capra, Louis Peter Male
New chart
 Silva, Minnie Ann Female
 Robertson, Leonard Dean Male
 Minta, Marie Female
 Silva, Manuel M Male
 Minta, Alfred Charles Male
 Peterson, Ruth A Female
 Minta, Stella Jenneath Female
 Connor, Cecil Brock Male
 Minta, Claire Ester Female
 Nicol, Varley Alexander Male
New chart
 Minta, Manuel Alfred Male
 Ramos, Emma Female
 Minta, Ethel Female
 Leveira, George E Male
 Lesch, Roman Male
 Minta, Elmer Male
 Minta, Elder J Male
 Minta, Loretta Female
 Crane, Harold H Male
New chart
 Minta, Joseph Male
 Jacinta, Rose Female
 Freitas, Roseland Female
 Leal, Paul Gomes Male
 Freitas, Frances Female
 Freitas, Evelyn Angelino Female
 Di Maggio, Thomas John Male
 Freitas, Minnie Female
 Capalety, Michael T Male
New chart
 Freitas, Marie Female
 Minta, Frances Female
 Freitas, Joseph Male
 Minta, John Anthony Jr Male
 Mendes, Mary Constance Female
New chart
 Minta, Edwin Ernest Male
 Warthen, Leola Virginia Female
New chart
 Minta, John Male
 Cabral, Rose Female
 Minta, Jack Phillip Male
 Seibert, Jacqueline Rose Female
New chart
 Nunes, Rose Female
 Brown, Arthur Joseph Male
 Brandon, Martha Lillian Female
New chart
 Brown, Lester Oliver Male
 Soto, Velma Irene Female
 FamilyBrownRoseC, Rose C Female
 FamilyBrownFayeA, Faye A Female
 Brown, Elmer Minta Male
 Hadeler, Bernice E Female
New chart
 Brown, Eleanor Female
 Minta, Louisa Female
 Brown, Joseph Oliver Male
 Thomas, Philomena Female
 Minta, Manuel Male
 Thomas, Mary Female
 Thomas, John Male
 Thomas, Frank Male
 Thomas, Joseph Male
 Thomas, John Male
 FamilyThomasMary, Mary Female
New chart
 Pimentel, Jose Tomas Male
 Isabel, Maria Female
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