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These are the ancestor families of Henry and Mayme Gimbel that immigrated to the California in the second half of the eighteen hundreds from Alsace, Hesse, and the Azores. They came via New England and "around the Horn" by steamship. Manuel Dias probably came by whaling ship. One Gimbel brother returned to Philadelphia after the Civil War and his family expanded there.

  • Gimbel Family
    Frank Gimbel + Catherine Oswald -> Henry Anton Gimbel
  • Oswald Family
    Catherine Oswald + Frank Gimbel-> Henry Anton Gimbel
  • Renas Family
    Joseph Thomas Renas + Mary Dias -> Mayme Renas
  • Dias Family
    Manuel V Dias + Catherine Mathews = > Mary Dias + Joseph T Renas-> Mayme Renas

Little is known yet about the Mathews/Mathias and Thomas families to say much here.



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