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This area contains notes and stories about the ancestors and relations of Charles Edwin Small and Eva Maud Tuck that have not been added to the main parts of this web site.

02/20/16 Some Family Rumors, True?

  • Ancestor Egbert Adams was the cousin of John Quincy Adams.
    This true, just not the presidential one. President John Quincy Adams was in office when our John Q was born in 1827. Of course it may be that we are related by off-bloodline decent from some Adams ancestor, just as we, and several million others, are descended from Lincoln's ancestor.
  • We are descended from Sir Walter Raleigh
    This may be true and much research supports it, but it hinges on a difficulty in England that is disputed. We are descended from hundreds of substantial and common immigrant people. Most of our immigrant ancestors came from 1620 to 1650, the Great Migration. The descendants of  immigrants from that period account for 95% of all Americans at the time of the Revolution.

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