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Earliest Family Migrants

Several ultimately migrant ancestors visited America in the late 1500's and early 1600's as mariners and explorers. The following are the earliest that settled permanently with their families. Because some ancestral lines are not complete back to migration, this account is necessarily incomplete. See Migration to America for an overview of North American migration and Charles and Eva Small's ancestors.

These ancestors were "migrants" because they settled on land not claimed by any native American Indians and European claims were largely bogus at that time. Later arrivals were "immigrants" because they came to established colonies or States.

Jamestown Colony (1607)

Jamestown was the first English settlement. In 1609 our ancestor, Steven Hopkins, sailed to Virginia on the Sea Venture with eight other ships as the "Third Supply" of the colony. They encountered a hurricane and had to be deliberately run aground in Bermuda. After 10 months they had built two small ships and went on to Jamestown where they found the few survivors of the "Starving Time". Sometime later, by 1617, Steven returned to England to find his wife had died. He returned with his children and second wife later on the Mayflower.

Plymouth Colony (1620)

Six of our direct ancestors came on the Mayflower: John and Joan Hurst Tilley and their daughter Elizabeth, John Howland, and Steven Hopkins with his daughter Constance, second wife, and three other children. John and Joan Tilley died the first winter and did not make it to the first Thanksgiving. Elizabeth later married John Howland, and Constance later married Nicholas Snow.

In 1621, just after the first Thanksgiving, the Fortune arrived with our ancestor, Robert Hicks.

In 1623, the Anne arrived with further direct ancestors, John and Ann Perkins Doane, Margaret Hicks (wife of Robert) and their children Samuel and PhebeNicholas Snow who later married Constance, and Edward Bangs and Rebecca Hobart Bangs with two children including daughter Apphia.

Later, perhaps 1625 or 1632,  John's brother Henry Howland came to the settlement, married and became an ancestor also.

Cape Ann Colony (1623)

The colony at Cape Ann, North of Boston, was founded in 1623. Two ships of the Dorchester Company brought 32 persons with John Tylly and Thomas Gardner as overseers of a fishing operation and the plantation, respectively. Our ancestor, Richard Normand, was one of the founders. He and his family moved to Naumkeag (later Salem) in 1626.

Dover Colony (1623)

Dover is the oldest permanent settlement in New Hampshire. Our ancestors Thomas Roberts and his wife Rebecca Hilton and her family were founders. Thomas was later Governor of Dover.

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