Small,  Aaron Atkins

Small, Aaron Atkins

Male 1829 - 1908  (79 years)

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Dyer, Charles Wilbur Male
Inman, Bernice Ruth Female
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Dyer, Marian Elenor Female
Ross, William Goley Sr Male
New chart
Locey, Mary Estella Female
Dyer, Charles Wilbur Male
Kelley, Daniel Max Male
Pearce, Glyta Vira Jean Female
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Locey, Mabel Agnes Female
Kelley, Joseph Hugh Male
Locey, Leslie D == Male
Jones, Elsie Etta == Female
Small, Anna Eliza Female
Locey, Wlybur Fisk Male
Carter, Lottie ** Female
Small, Nellie Female
Carter, Peter Male
Lee, Elma Female
Lee, Lyman Ashbury Male
Carter, Norma Female
Small, Josephine Isabelle Female
Avery, Herbert Sidney Male
Small, Lavonia F Female
Boggs, John D Male
Welke, Charles Julian Male
Ross, Evelyn Alma Female
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Welke, Frederick Warren Male
Shahan, Mary Maridith Female
Redmond, Virginia F Female
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Ureta, Margarureta Della Female
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Welke, Coral H Female
Welke, C.C. Female
Winterhalder, Theodore Male
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Welke, J.M. Female
Foerster, P.R. Male
New chart
Small, Irene Delta Female
Welke, Julius Reynolds Male
Small, P.A. Female
Flake, Vernon Harry Male
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Small, H.C. Male
Mann, Kathleen Margaret Female
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Small, Edwin Warren Male
Morris, Maxine Ann Female
Harris, Alice Hay Female
Mercer, Serge Scott Male
Hayes, M.J. Female
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Mercer, Sally June Female
Staley, Alson Thomas Male
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Small, June Margaret Female
Mercer, Andrew Male
Bedford, Sam Ervalt Jr. Male
Neville, Glen Joseph Male
Small, Karl D'Aaron Male
Montgomery, Janice Arlene Female
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Williams, C.J. Female
Gifford, C.L. Female
Small, Frank Aaron Male
Harris, Marie Estelle Female
Small, G.T. Male
Newman, Carol Sue Female
Small, P.A. Female
Rogers, B.M. Male
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Smith, G.R. Male
Lawrence, R.M. Male
Gimbel, Frances Olivia Female
Small, Nancy Ellen Female
Chastain, J.C. Male
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Gast, Lester Haddon Male
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Small, C.E. Male
Morgan, D.L. Female
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Small, Coralie Ann Female
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Small, James Hamilton Male
Johnston, Virginia Lorraine Female
Fletcher, J.M. Male
Mills, E.G. Female
Anderson, D.C. Female
Small, Beatrice Lee Female
Fletcher, Everett Glenn Male
Fetterman, Earle Gordon Male
Dent, Linda Rose Female
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Ongman, Frances Helen Female
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Fetterman, Earl Morrison Male
Small, Charles Edwin Male
Tuck, Eva Maud Female
Hudson, Carroll Delmar Male
Miller, Marvele M Female
Hudson, Lucile Female
Rankin, Wilbur Darcy Male
Houck, David Lee Male
Houck, Diane Female
Malin, U. Male
New chart
Houck, H.M. Male
Turner, P.D. Female
New chart
Houck, George M Male
Small, Edith Grace Female
Hudson, Clarence D Male
New chart
Small, Aaron Atkins Male
Delaney, Cynthia Jane Female
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