Family: Adams, Egbert / Perry, Lucy (F00010)

m. 2 Oct 1843

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Adams, Charles Samuel
Male (1793-1860)
Stewart, Salinda
Female (1794- )
Adams, Samuel
Male (1818- )
Adams, Clarke
Male (1820- )
Adams, John Q
Male (1827-1887)
Perry,  Mathew HalePerry, Mathew Hale
Male (1796-1890)
Briggs,  PameliaBriggs, Pamelia
Female (1802-1881)
Perry,  DillaPerry, Dilla
Female (1822-1911)
Perry, Mary
Female (1828-1904)
Perry, Josiah Jones
Male (1830-1858)
Perry, Oliver Hale
Male (1832-1922)
Perry,  Amos APerry, Amos A
Male (1834-1908)
Perry, Sarah Ann
Female (1836-1913)
Perry,  HalePerry, Hale
Male (1838-1862)
Perry, George Washington
Male (1840-1930)
Perry, Samuel Charles
Male (1843-1862)
Perry, Pamelia Delana
Female (1846- )
Adams, Egbert
Male (1823-1852)
Perry,  LucyPerry, Lucy
Female (1825-1893)
Adams,  Elmira SalindaAdams, Elmira Salinda
Female (1846-1932)
Adams,  Clarissa MayAdams, Clarissa May
Female (1849-1904)
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