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TNG 11 Notes

I use TNG as a web display program only. User login is authorized only for those allowed to view the living, and is usually restricted to a branch. Changes or editing, etc are not allowed (Also see TNG Setup and Modifications).

TNG Needs

  • Needs a general setup feature to disable any menu item despite content.
    • Perhaps each with logged-in user and/or admin exception.
    • Similarly, the Trim Menus option should trim any menu with no content, such as Albums.
    • Lines Statistics should be similarly blocked and trimmed.
  • Needs better use of space in the Individual display. Multiple value events need to stay on one or fewer lines if the text will fit, rather than use multiple lines.
    • Relationship need not be displayed unless other than Natural. Or possibly change the event name to Step-Father, Adoption-Father, ...
  • Needs a logging option for non-programming users to block gethostbyaddr() to prevent response delay for viewers with inadequate reverse lookup support. Perhaps with an administrative option to view or convert the log with client host names added.
  • Needs setup option to make thumbnails presentation the default for media displays.
  • Problem: Media only imports one directory level down, needs to go deeper.
  • Problem: Places and Cemeteries are too strict when parsing place names. Trailing characters or comments are treated as part of the last name given such as the state or country. I use trailing comments in parentheses, e.g. "Austin, Texas (Westside Cemetery)".
  • Needs to say "Living" with icon in media thumbnails display.
  • Needs to verify all caller supplied data including parameters but also such as HTTP_REFERER, HTTP_USER_AGENT, HTTP_HOST, etc. preg_match() is a very powerful tool for such uses.
    • Needs to reject entirely with 400 Bad Request, not just trim as in processvars.php and give as "does not exist". This allows Bots to clear their indexes and reduce further server workload.
  • Needs to suppress display of details about a living person in sources/notes when on a deceased persons page (if that citation is linked to a living person as well as a deceased)
    • TNG currently links identical citations from a GEDCOM to multiple persons, and in some cases does block images, etc. with a living link. But not for citations?
    • This is a hard problem. Really only the details about a living person need be redacted as per my personal modification gts016, but that requires the data provider to mark such places.
  • Needs to report most die() calls as 403 Forbidden and log. Several die() calls related to too many queries, need to report back to the search page to help the user.
  • Needs to change thispagedoesnot.html redirection to a 404 Not Found response. This would reduce the GET requests and allow Bots to remove the bad link from their indexes and reduce further server workload.
  • Needs and option to remove the "short icon" in the Meta Tags for regular web pages. It just causes an extra GET request for sites that have the favicon in the web root.
  • TNG converts http/https to links in Notes but not in Sources. It should do so for all displayed text.
  • Needs a bulk photo import with details added later. TNG could scan a directory for unknown files and use I000n and F000n in the file name to assign to a particular individual or group. Or more elaborately scan for file name parts that match existing names, e.g. Faces-SmithJohn-1961-OregonCA.jpg.
    • Darin said 11/2008: "TNG 7 already includes a bulk photo importer. I would like to be able to set up links based on the file names, but naming conventions just aren't reliable enough."
  • Needs automatic TNG thumbnails to a separate directory. It turns out that a directory thumbnail prefix works (e.g. "0_thumb/") but TNG fails if the path does not exist. Perhaps just have TNG create directory paths that do not exist.
  • TNG cannot handle long path names apparently due the fixed data field sizes.

TNG Questions and Unresolved Problems

  • Larger image does not pop-up when hover over image. Why? Browser problem? Worked in previous versions.
  • Problem: PDFs and GEDCOM download can be blocked entirely by setup, but login user permissions don't seem to block?

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