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TNG Security

This is a collection of thoughts on TNG security. TNG has moved administrative functions to the main directory which creates doubt as to its security robustness.

Host and Server Security

  • Use the most restrictive system file permissions that still allow TNG to function. On many servers this is 644 for files and 755 for directories (owner writeable only). Typically the web server such as Apache runs as user 'nobody' and needs only read permission. Typically PHP runs as the site owner so group and global write permission are unnecessary even for configuration files.
  • Disable any and all Apache and PHP features not used by TNG or other parts of the web site.

TNG Software Security (modification/reorganization of the TNG code)

  • All parameter strings should be checked for valid format, appropriateness for the function, and be chopped to a maximum size when the particular parameter format is not strict. This includes any HTTP headers used by the code. The preg functions and for loops on REQUEST parameters are quite effective and efficient for this purpose.
  • Only PHP files called directly from the web should be allowed, not other include and configuration files etc.
    • One way is to have all requests go through a single, web resident PHP file that changes directory to a TNG space outside the web space, and only allows calls to web functions, not other TNG files.
    • Another is to use .htaccess to REWRITE all PHP calls to a single PHP file in a protected TNG directory outside the web space. That PHP changes the directory to the TNG space and calls the function if it is a web allowed function.
    • A third is to have all web request PHPs in the web space call their counterpart in the TNG space.  No other PHP files need be in the web space. Each function in the TNG space would change directory to the TNG space.

  • I can think of no reason why CSS, image, and JavaScript files need to be protected. They can be in the web space, or have a soft-link from web space to the TNG space. The CSS and JavaScript files could be sent by the TNG function that creates the web page, but so far I can think of no good reason, except reducing the number of network requests (each separate file requires full connect and disconnect interchanges).

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