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TNG 11 Setup and Modifications

I use TNG as a web display program. User login is authorized only for those allowed to view the living, and is usually restricted to a branch. Changes or editing, etc are not allowed.
  • gts007 - Configure Between-And in date format to show as "1998 - 1999".
  • gts011 - ID import to trimsize 5 for FTM 2017.
  • gts012 - Remove forgot/remember/reset option from login.
  • gts014 - Security and request validation front-end and associated modifications to make it work.
  • gts015 - Remove some remaining vestiges of global variables. Leave request variable copying. [Need further study of processvars.php.]
  • gts016 - Provide partial or total Redaction of information when not logged in. Also Private redaction for everyone. Uses a special character: if first in text redacts entire, if first in line redacts line, else redacts the part delimited as quotes.
    [TNG exposes living data in citations in a deceased person's page.]
  • gts017 - Remove Send-Copy option on suggestion page. Reveals server information and allows junk mail sending.
  • gts020 - Remove host name lookup for logs. Gehostbyaddr() causes long response delays for clients whose provider does not adequately support reverse DNS lookup.
  • gts021 - Disable genlog.txt. All needs now met by gts014 logging.
  • gts022 - Add help line to new Family Tree display.
  • gts023 - Revise unsafe direct use of HTTP_REFERER. Verify URL valid.
  • gts024 - Block unused menu items: bookmarks, albums, allmedia, whatsnew, mostwanted, reports, trees, branches, notes.
  • gts025 - Change all 46 instances of die() to dieX() so that TNG gives HTTP error 403 and logs error in gts014 log. Except for search, famsearch, and searchlib which now gives a friendly error message using the msg parameter.
  • gts026 - 4/3/2019 Change all 26 "pagedoesnotexist" responses to direct 404 instead of a 302 redirect to thispagedoesnotexist.html. This should help Bots clear invalid requests from their indexes. After 5/2/2019 responds 410 Gone because most are deleted items.
  • gts027 - 4/16/2019 Remove "shortcut icon" from plain web page presentation in genlib.php. Causes an unnecessary extra GET request.
  • gts028 - Remove loading of jQuery from GoogleAPI from genlib.php and adminlib.php. This revealed the parameter string of every GET request to Google.
  • gts014a - 4/16/2019 Change gts014 to give a direct 400 Bad Request response to Invalid Requests. The 302 Redirect to the unknown "/URI=" previously resulted in a 404 Not found.
  • gts029 - Changes to tngrobots.php.
  • gts030 -  Revised version of create_sitemap_v10.1.0.5 for this site.

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