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Classmate Information Web Sites

There  are numerous class reunion web sites. For the 50th and 55th reunions we used Reunion Manager (see below). There are also a lot of classmates on Neither understands half-year graduating classes so those from January 1961 and January 1962 may have to guess a bit as to which year your classmates guessed.

We will announce reunions on both of those sites, as well as on this site, but reservations will not be made using those sites.

Reunion Manager

The old Reunion Manager web site we used for past reunions can still be used to contact a classmate, provide and read classmate memories.  If you have already registered, go directly to the Reunion Manager Login.

If it says "Buy Tickets" for the reunion, just ignore that as we will not use that feature.

New Classmate Registrations

You can still register on the site and find classmate information. We will still announce reunion events there. If you want your contact information to be kept private, be sure to click No for Show Personal Information.

For the purposes of registration, please use the following class years:

  • 1960 Class of Fall 1960 (Graduated January 1961)
  • 1961 Class of Spring 1961 (Graduated June 1961)
  • 1962 Class of Fall 1961 (Graduated January 1962)
  • Otherwise use your class year or "Friend".

If both you and your spouse, partner, or friend are Berkeley High Graduates, please register separately. You may also want to submit a short bio in the Notes to Classmates.

To register on-line click on Reunion Manager Login Creation. It is easiest if you do the initial registration information first, to create the account, and then login to revise details and do the other tasks.

Contacting a Classmate

You can send a message to a classmate through the Registration web site. This sends and email to their registered address if they gave one. The classmate can reply by email or not, as they choose. You can also use FaceBook, if the classmate has provided that.

Login to Reunion Manager and select the Yearbook tab. The Yearbook is sorted by class year and current last name (not high school name). You can change the sorting order by clicking on the column header. Click on the classmates name line. Individual memories and contact information may be shown. Search down the list and click on View or the FaceBook icon.

Enter your message in the provided entry fields. Be sure to include your name and possibly other contact information, otherwise the recipient will see only your email address. You may want to mention Berkeley High School to give the recipient some context.

Be sure to type the Spam Code carefully, a mistake will clear your message which is somewhat irritating.

If  the web site says "error sending email", then the classmate has not provided an email address or it is no longer valid So if a paper mail address was provided, try that.

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