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Pod Graduate Pictures Spring 1961

  1. Abe to Barki
  2. Barksdale to Boutte
  3. Bowman to Calhoun
  4. Carbone to Cisi
  5. Claassen to Cross
  6. Cross to Duckles
  7. Eaglin to Foley
  8. Folsom to Givant
  9. Givant to Harrington
  10. Harris to Henderson
  11. Hendrickson to Ishii
  12. Iwawaki to Joice
  13. Jones to Kirby
  14. Kitamura to Lee
  15. Leggett to Mallett
  16. Malloy to Metcalf
  17. Meyers to Nagata
  18. Nagel to Olitt
  19. Olitt to Pereira
  20. Permillion to Quan
  21. Quan to Robinson
  22. Robinson to Scurlock
  23. Seavey to Spikes
  24. Spillman to Sylvester
  25. Sypert to Turner
  26. Uchiumi to Wharton
  27. Wheat to Woodward
  28. Worsham to Williams
    Camera Shy List
Pod Spring 1961 Cover
Full Pod Archive Class of Spring 1961

Each image is about 100 kilo bytes and is displays at 1000 pixels wide.
You may have to scroll down to see the bottom of the image.
These images will begin to distort as you zoom in..

Picture Masters
The Pod was printed at about 300 dots per inch, so that is as fine as they get.
Each page is about 2 mega bytes and can be seen or downloaded at Picture Masters.
They were scanned at 300 dpi.

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