Computers and Programming

Gary Kildall
Founder of Personal Computing

Gary Kildall, Ph.D., 1922-1994

Gary created CP/M ("Control Program/Monitor" or "Control Program for Microcomputers") in 1974. CP/M was eventually marketed by his company, Digital Research.  This system, and particularly the layered, open architecture of Application/BDOS/BIOS, made possible the third-party software and hardware revolutions and productive use of microcomputers by individuals and small companies.

The personal computer revolution was first supported by small businesses and individuals, starting in 1976, running CP/M on commercial systems such as the IMSAI 8080 (San Leandro, Ca), the Godbout/Compupro systems (Oakland, Ca), and Thinker Toys (Berkeley, Ca), etc.

Note in A Short History of the Microcomputer, that his way way before Bill Gates creates BASIC for the Altair, and 8080 microcomputers were running Gary's CP/M before Steve Jobs even made the first Apple!

Gary also created:

From the 1997 Dr. Dobb's Journal Excellence in Programming Award: