Computers and Programming

Projects and Services

(U C Berkeley 1966-2003)
Security Infrastructure Project (CalNet ID, Secure eMail, ...) 1999-2003
WSS Web Project 1999-2003
SAFE Software Download Service (develop/support) 1997-2003
Connecting at Berkeley (Campus Serial/Network Software for PCs) 1998-2003
IBM 370 Terminal Serial Emulation via Series/1 (ASCII Terminals and PCs) 1995-2003
Apple Talk IP Router Prototype 1995?
Microsoft TCPIP-32 for Windows 1994-1997
TCP/IP for DOS/Windows (Packet Drivers, Ungermann-Bass, FTP Software) 1985-2000
Networking and Communications Classes 1982-2001
MS-Kermit (and CMS and CP/M Kermit, develop/support) 1982-1994
Desktop Personal Computer (develop/support/consult) 1982-2003
Remote Computer System (develop/support) 1969-1982
Calidoscope CDC 6400 (develop/support/consult/classes) 1967-1982
IBM 7040/7090 DCS & CDC 6400 Operator 1966-1967