Burials, Rules, Fees, and Charges

The Fort Bidwell Cemetery is a community cemetery under California law.

Burial is limited to current or former residents and taxpayers of the District or members of their families.

Find Available Burial Plots

For burials contact Trustee Dana Cary, 530-640-0183 or FBCD@gsmall.us..

For burials in the Fort Bidwell Tribal site, contact the Tribal office, 530-279-6310.

Fort Bidwell Cemetery Burial Fee Schedule

Fort Bidwell Cemetery District “Rules and Regulations” adopted January 23, 2002:

A. Burial charges for:  
1. Residents or taxpayers of the District $ 50.00
2. Former residents or taxpayers who purchased burial rights while residents or taxpayers of the District (for five years within the last 10 years). $ 125.00
3. The spouse and children of those listed in 1 and 2 above. $ 150.00
B. Burial charge for taxpayers but non-resident $ 150.00
  The families, other than those listed above. including and limited to parents, grandparents, children, brothers and sisters, and the spouses of brothers and sisters. Also adopted children, step-children, step-fathers and step-mothers.  
C. Burial charges for Non-resident or non-taxpayers for the following: $ 500.00
1. Family, as defined above, of a decedent already buried in the Cemetery  
2. No persons other than those set forth above above may be buried in the cemetery.  
3. The burial fees referred to above do not include the cost of opening and closing the grave or of any grave liners or vaults.  
  The cost of opening and closing any grave is $ 300.00
  Cremation $ 100.00
* (See California Cemetery Law Outline to confirm details).  

Endowment Fee

There is a $125.00 endowment fee for burial plots. California Health and Safety Code requires public cemeteries establish such an endowment care fund. The purpose is for the benefit and protection of the public by preserving and keeping cemeteries from becoming unkempt and places of reproach and desolation in communities in which they are situated.


A grave liner or vault is required for each grave except for an infant.

Most burial plots will accommodate four graves, each stacked up to two or three cremations.

No decorations or improvements, including but not limited to headstones, copings, stonework, concrete work, plants, shrubs and trees, may be planted or installed without first obtaining consent of the Board of Directors of the District and the caretaker thereof.

The Board of Directors and the Custodian are solely responsible in determining what decorations, plants, shrubs, trees, headstones, stonework, concrete work, coping or ground covers are placed on each plot, and establishing charges that will sustain the maintenance and cover all costs of the District.