Fort Bidwell Cemetery District

The Fort Bidwell Cemetery District is a California special district for public cemeteries. The District is an autonomous, local government under the laws of California and is not a department of Modoc County.

The District has no office, no office staff, and no phone. Contact us at, 530-640-0183 (Trustee Dana Cary), or P O Box 85, Fort Bidwell, California 96112.

Cemetery District Trustees

Dana Cary
Michaelyn Royer
Linda Schadler
     Greg Small
Stuart Benner
Mark Royer, Custodian (530-640-1999)

The five Trustees are appointed by the Modoc County Board of Supervisors, and must be residents within the District. The Trustees are not paid, compensated, or benefited, all are volunteers. The Custodian is paid.

District Boundaries

Fort Bidwell Fire Protection District Boundry Map

The District boundaries are about the same as the 96112 ZIP code, i.e. starting at Fandango Pass marker; northerly along the top of the Warner Mountain Range to the Oregon border, east to the Nevada border, and south and west back to the start, including the former Hank's family ranch. And about the same as the Fort Bidwell Fire Protection District.

The District has about 224 persons mostly concentrated in the Town and Reservation.  About half of the people are on the Fort Bidwell Reservation.


The District gets about $27,000.00 per year as its calculated share of the property taxes on owners within the District. This includes secured, unsecured, supplemental, homeowner's exemption, and timber tax income. District tax funds are kept and paid out by the Modoc County Auditor's Office. Modoc County maintains a Cemetery endowment of about $12,700.00. The District also has several private endowments which earnings also helps cover expenses. The District Trustees are required to set fees and charges to cover burial expenses and maintenance.