Fort Bidwell Cemetery

Fort Bidwell is a small ranching community in the far north-east corner of California, founded about 1865. The original cemetery was for the Camp Bidwell military post, established in 1866. In 1913 Congress transferred the cemetery to the Fort Bidwell People's Church, and in 1968 to the Fort Bidwell Cemetery District. The Cemetery is at the west end of North Street up the hill in Fort Bidwell, Surprise Valley, Modoc County, California.

Fort Bidwell Cemetery Entrance      Fort Bidwell Cemetery Landscape

Cemetery Layout

The cemetery was surveyed in 1923 into 15 blocks.. Blocks 1 through 11 are currently used as burial sites. Blocks 4, 5, and 12 are managed by the Fort Bidwell Indian Community. There are trees and bushes, and the grounds are kept cleared, but there are no lawns as well water is inadequate to maintain an expanse of grass.

Fort Bidwell Cemetery Satelite View 2012 Fort Bidwell Cemetery Diagram 2015 Fort Bidwell Cemetery Survey Plot Map 1923