Fort Bidwell Volunteer Fire Department

Fort Bidwell Fire Protection District - Demographics

The Fort Bidwell 96112 ZIP code boundaries are close to the District boundaries, so the 2010 US Census data for the ZIP code counts most residences in the district. The main population areas are the Town and the Reservation. About 173 square miles (12 miles by 15 miles).

The 2010 US Census shows 214 persons in our ZIP code with 149 housing units, 96 occupied. About half are on the Reservation and 30 percent are children.

The ZIP code counts are much less than the sum of the town and reservation. It appears that the Fort Bidwell Census Designated Place (CDP) includes an Eastern part of the Reservation , so there is a large overlap (see FB CDP Map)

The district is a patchwork of local, State, and Federal responsibility areas, but the Fort Bidwell Fire Volunteer Fire Department is usually the first responder due to proximity. Technically, the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) is responsible for the Fort Bidwell Reservation, but the Reservation currently has limited fire capability. See Fire Operation Areas for more detail.

2010 US Census - Population and Housing: