Fort Bidwell Volunteer Fire Department

Medical First Response

For medical calls, we will respond if it appears we can help.  We no longer have certified first responders, so our help is limited to reporting to the ambulance crew, first aid, CPR/AED, and assisting the ambulance crew on scene. Sometimes, we find a difficult or uncertain location.

Many Fort Bidwell Volunteer Fire Department members are trained in First Aid and certified for CPR and use of our AED (Automatic Emergency Defibulator). As we are a remote community and time is critical, every resident should get training in CPR or at least become familiar with Hands-Only-CPR.




Emergency Medical Responders:

As of January 2018, the certification of our two medical First Responders has expired, and no update class has been available to recertify them for the new EMR certification. We will still respond to some medical calls to aid the ambulance and to give aid in emergencies.

Emergency Medical Responders provide initial medical support while the ambulance from the Surprise Valley Hospital is on its way to Fort Bidwell. EMRs also find the incident location to guide the ambulance, and assist the ambulance crew as necessary. Formerly called First Responders, term is still used in other contexts.

Emergency Medical Responders are certified by NorCal EMS, the Medical Director for Northern California, and operate under the Surprise Valley Hospital. Training includes Hazmat, CPR, and AED certification. CPR and AED certification is done by the American Safety & Health Institute. EMS training is done through the Surprise Valley Hospital and the Cedarville Volunteer Fire Department.