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Earliest Family Settlement in North America
400 Years in America

The following are the earliest ancestors of Carol and Lee that settled in North America. 205 ancestors came before 1650, and 61 of them before 1631. See Settlement of North America for an overview of North American settlement and Carol and Lee's ancestors.

These ancestors were "settlers" because they settled on land not claimed by any native American Tribe and European claims were largely bogus at that time. Later arrivals were "immigrants" because they came to established Colonies or States.

Jamestown Colony (1607)

Jamestown was the first English settlement in 1607. But they were commercial adventurers and many starved to death by 1610 when they were rescued and Jamestown was briefly abandoned.

William Head came to Virginia in early 1622 with his wife Susan Clydesdale and their daughter Bridget, but he was killed by Indians on March 22.

Plymouth Colony (1620)

John Lyford came to Plymouth in 1624 with his wife Sarah Oakley, probably on the ship Charity. They moved to Virginia by 1627.

Miles Standish came to Plymouth in 1620 on the Mayflower with his wife Rose Mullins, but it is not clear whether ancestor Thomas Standish was their son.

Cape Ann Colony (1623)

The colony at Cape Ann, North of Boston, was founded in 1623. Two ships of the Dorchester Company brought 32 persons for a fishing operation and the plantation, respectively.

John Woodbury came to Cape Ann about 1624, and may have been in the original 1623 group. He moved to Salem in 1626. In 1627 he returned to England as an agent for procuring supplies and came back to Salem in 1628.

Maine (1624)

William Cox came to Maine in 1624 and had a farm at the head of the Kennebeck River (Cox's Head). He was driven off in the 1677 Indian war, and went to Salem for refuge. He later return to Sagadahoc in 1686, but was again driven off by Indians.

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