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Mongomery and Harrison Family Ancestry

John Wilson Montgomery immigrated from Canada in 1844 where he was born. His ancestors lived in Canada since about 1750 and were from Ireland. He married Mariah Louisa Higgins in 1837 in New York. She had immigrated there in 1836 from England. They first moved to Canada. Their son William Archibald Montgomery was born in Vicksburg, Mississippi, and the family moved to Louisiana, then Texas.

William Archibald Montgomery married Isadora Frances Miller in 1873 in Texas. The Millers came from Kentucky, then Arkansas, to Texas. They probably originated in Germany via Virginia. Along the way were ancestor families Greer, McElroy, etc. William's son, Travis Josiah Montgomery, married Alva Green Young in 1910 Texas. Her family were from Tennessee, and include Fishers, Hearns, etc.

Travis Young Montgomery, born in Texas 1913, moved to California about 1935, with his wife Lola Minnia Harrison, also born Texas, where Janice Arlene Montgomery was born in 1938.

William H Harrison was probably born in Alabama, but some records say Tennessee, in 1874. His father and mother are uncertain at this time. His father died before he was six. William married Mary Lucinda George in 1899 in Texas. They farmed in the Chickasaw Nation, and Oklahoma, before returning to Texas, where Lola was born. Further research is need, but Harrisons and Georges apparently came to Virginia in the early 1600's, as did the related families.

James Callen George was born in Alabama in 1824. He married Lucinda Hutcheson in 1843. Their son Hosea Holcomb George was born in Alabama in 1857. He married Amanda Elizabeth Goodwin about 1875, but she died in 1884. The family moved to Texas, then the Chicksaw Nation, and finally Oklahoma, but daughter Mary Lucinda stayed in Texas with her husband. The Georges, Hutchesons, Goodwins, et. al. were all from Virginia in the 1600s.

With so many generations back to immigration, not all stories can be told. The detailed ancestry provided here only goes back several generations. Work is in progress but will take some time as records become scarcer and more unreliable.