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Report to Bing Staff

As of February 2021, I am still getting the full sweep of bogus requests from Bing. No other bot has anything like as many bogus requests. I reported this to Bing in June 2019. I have stopped analyzing the detail.

I appreciate search indexers such as Bing, as the point of research is to share. However, thse bogus requests put unnessary load on my web server, even though I pretty much stop them before they engage the TNG software and database lookups.

From January through June 2020, BingBot still made 20,000 invalid requests out of 91,000 requests. Besides the deliberate numeric scan described next, Bing also makes numerous invalid requests with missing personID or tree parameters. No other bot or indexer makes so many clearly invalid requests.

Bing tries every personID from 0 to 999. And separately every tree from 0 to 999. This site has never used numeric person or tree codes. TNG has always used personID with a prefix as "I00023", and tree names have been text. This implies some kind of deliberate, programmed attack. This kind of attack only occurs with Bing and began in 2017. Example.txt

The Apache logs below contain only the BigBot requests to TNG:
(I have stopped adding new log files here, no point Bing does not care.)


TNG 11 (The Next Generation genealogy web software), as released, does not generate direct HTML error responses for parameter errors. However: