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TNG 13.0.3 Modifications

These are a few TNG 13 modifications. They have not been converted to Mod files, but are described in a similar way.

Most were first used in TNG 11 and have been in use for several years.

gts024.txt - A simple mod to block unwanted menu items.

gts025a.txt - Change search to give an error message instead of die() when a user has too many search parameters. The search page reappears with all entries intact so that the user can change the request.

gts031.txt - For no index and no follow pages, when the requestor is a bot, just return a small, polite page rather than invoke TNG and do SQL. Saves a lot of processing workload without reducing the usefulness of search engines.

gts032.txt - Always display thumbnails but otherwise obey TNG settings for display of images, etc. The hover title follows TNG rules for names and privacy. I use this mostly for the individuals default image.