Gun Ignorance versus Facts

People that are ignorant of guns are very hard to convince with the facts. Quite often they are fearful of guns because of ignorance, the incessant violence with guns on TV, and the anti-gun bias of the news media, educators, and politicians.

"Gun control" is a nonsense buzz-word used by anti-gun advocates. There are laws that address safety and crimes with guns, and laws that claim to to keep guns out of the hands of criminals or make it easier to catch them.

Laws against dangerous or violent use of guns and other weapons have been around for centuries. In the last 50 years there have been a few, new, safety laws about gun manufacture that are helpful such as safeties on pistols, quality of manufacture, etc.

Most newer or proposed laws that claim to keep guns out of the hands of criminals pretty much don't work. Criminals and psychotics do not obey laws! They get their guns by stealing them. So schemes such as registration, micro stamping, ammunition registration, etc. simply waste the police's time chasing down false leads, and the public's time with paperwork. Where such schemes have been enacted into law, they have proved useless. During the Soviet era (talk about strict gun prohibition!), the Russian Mafia got guns by stealing them from the police and the military.

Almost all proposed, new, gun laws are designed and promoted by anti-gun advocacy groups. The advocates make arguments that are unproven or counter to known facts, but which sound reasonable to the concerned but uninformed. They also deliberately misuse gun terms such as "assault rifle" to scare the uninformed public. If you read the California legislature's reports on pending gun legislation, they often candidly admit that the main effect of the law will be to trap law-abiding citizens that make paperwork errors!

A few gun facts:

About four hundred thousand times a year (according to the FBI) privately owned guns are used to defend lives and homes. In the majority of cases, no shots are fired. If guns are banned or severely restricted, who will protect these victims? The police are almost never at the scene of the crime in time to save anyone. In fact, the Supreme Court has ruled that the police have no duty to protect citizens, their job is to protect the state. Some years ago Australia banned and confiscated many guns, and since then their violent crime rate and home burglary rates have skyrocketed.

The largest study of the effects of gun laws, was done by Professor John Lott who needed a project for his graduate students. He had never owned a gun nor knew anyone who did. They studied all 3,500 counties in the US over a period of 25 years (all available data). Areas where citizens were allowed to carry concealed weapons saw a 10-15 percent drop in violet crime. He found that in areas where 5-10 percent of women had carry permits, that violet crime against women declined significantly.

Contrary to what you hear in the media, people who defend themselves are twice as likely to survive as those who cooperate. In either case, the danger is high and the outcome uncertain.

Persons with concealed carry permits are 5 to 10 times more law abiding than the general public.

Violent crime is increasing in areas where guns are prohibited - schools, government buildings, places of work, etc.

Violent crime rates in many countries where private gun ownership is effectively banned are higher than the United States, including such "civilized' countries as England. Although "gun" violence may go down, overall violence goes up when the small, old, or weak have no defense.

More children are killed by swimming pools or bicycles or trains or cars or ... than are killed by guns. Most children (and everyone else for that matter) killed by guns are killed as part of gang or drug violence (hint, by criminals who ignore the laws). Twice as many people are killed by hammers as by AR-15s.

Be careful in Google searches, anti-gun groups often have reasonable sounding sites that ignore or misrepresent the facts.


A gun "safety" is a mechanism to prevent the gun from firing until a lever, the "Safety", is released. This helps prevent the gun from firing when dropped or mishandled. However, no sensible gun user relies on the mechanical safety.

There are two, main types of hand guns: the revolver and the pistol. The revolver has a rotating cylinder to hold the cartridges and is either single-action (you pull the hammer back for each shot) or double-action (the trigger pull cocks the hammer and fires). The pistol, some times called an "automatic", uses the recoil or gasses from the shot to re-cock the gun and feed a new cartridge from a magazine. It fires only one shot per trigger pull. This is called a "semi-automatic" action in a rifle and the term "automatic" for a pistol is an unfortunate and misleading abbreviation.

An "Assault Rife" is a small, fully automatic, machine gun used in military and commando assaults, such as an Uzi. Such rifles have been illegal or highly regulated for a century. The "assault rifles" you hear about in the press are simple, semi-automatic rifles that just look like military weapons because they use modern technology. They are not automatic nor are they machine guns.

Miscellaneous Legislative Emails

2006/08/29: California AB 352, Koretz, Firearms Microstamping

I oppose AB 352 for the following reasons:

  1. Criminals rarely use their own firearms during a crime. Criminals use stolen guns, altered guns, or older guns. They are not as dumb as the lawmakers think.
  2. Crimes committed using firearms rarely involve shooting.
  3. The workability of microstamping is unproved.
  4. Microstamping will entangle law abiding citizens in investigations because perpetrators will use stolen guns which will now be even more valuable and be stolen more often.

In short, the law will not work for its purported purpose. It only introduces more problems and cost."

2007/06/14: California AB 362 (de Leon) Ammunition

"I oppose AB 362 (de Leon) Ammunition.

  1. Since this law will not affect criminals who have other sources, I can only presume that this law is intended to harass law-abiding gun owners and small businesses that sell ammunition. Primarily though paperwork and fees.
  2. The only "criminals" this will catch are hapless citizens who misunderstand the paper work.
  3. The justifications in the committee reports are just emotional hand waving, there is no proven link nor is there any reasonable expectation that such a law will affect violent crime."

2010/06/16: California AB 1810 Private Gun Registration

"AB 1810 (Feuer) creates yet another expensive government program with no known value for the public safety. I strongly oppose AB 1810.

Gun registration has proven to be useless for crime prevention or solving of crimes. Criminals simply do not use legally purchased weapons. The cost of such registration schemes is high with no value to the pubic safety. The Assembly Analysis of the bill is full of dogma about guns that is simply not substantiated by any factual analysis.

Why are we wasting taxpayer money even considering such laws let alone paying to create and maintain this boondoggle."